Insidious fruits

Do you like bananas, dates, persimmons, figs? Load up on dried fruits and raisins? Do you use fructose instead of sugar? Then do not be surprised if memory problems begin, scientists from the University of California say. American scientists managed… Read more

Why is vitamin D deficiency dangerous?

Vitamin D deficiency in the body provokes the development of pneumonia twice as often as usual. This conclusion was made by specialists from an institute in Eastern Finland. Scientists analyzed the medical records of 1,400 Finnish residents aged 53-73 who… Read more

Depression is in our blood

American scientists have developed an accurate diagnosis of depression by a blood test. The analysis, developed by Ridge Diagnostics in partnership with the Massachusetts General Hospital, includes the determination of nine biomarkers of depression in plasma. As the researchers note,… Read more

“We’re the same blood”

It seems that this phrase from the good old “Mowgli” Kipling may soon become more relevant than ever. And all thanks to the breakthrough of Canadian scientists. A team of researchers led by Maryam Tabritzian of McGill University has found… Read more